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An old photo – probably mid-1980s

I started playing cricket at junior school, when I attended the Ilford Cricket School under Bill Morris. Now, more than 40 years later, I still play when I can, but I spend a lot more time coaching than playing.

My first experience of coaching others was at University, where I was “volunteered” to help the newly formed Ladies’ section, but it was not until 2009 that I started out on the formal coaching pathway, taking the old Level 1 qualification and coaching as a volunteer with the Colts’ section at the Oakfield Parkonians CC.

In 2013 I became a full-time coach. I now work regularly at the MCC Cricket Academy, at Lord’s, specialising in group coaching with younger players from three years of age upwards, and for the Essex County Cricket Board at the Essex Indoor Cricket Centre, Chelmsford, where I coach 1-to-1 sessions with aspiring players.

More recently, I became an All Stars Cricket Activator, and Chance to Shine coach.

I am currently coaching the junior sections at both Oakfield Parkonians CC and Regent’s Park CC, and coached the men’s Cricket Club at Queen Mary University for two seasons.

Andrew Beaven, Better Cricket


  • ECB “Coach” Award – UKCC 2
  • ECB Coaching in Primary Schools
  • ECB Disabiliy Inclusion
  • Post-level 2 Workshops
    • ECB Coaching Children: Creating the Learning Climate for Children
    • ECB Coaching Children: Skill Development for Children
    • ECB Coaching Children: Game Based Learning for Children
    • ECB Coaching YPA: Performance & Video Analysis
    • ECB Coaching YPA: Training Interventions & Methods


ECB Coaches Association member

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