Better Cricket for Clubs is about much more than just coaching the skills of cricket (although we do that, too).

At junior level (under thirteen), the emphasis is on introducing the players to the basics of striking, throwing and catching a ball, and encouraging sound fundamental movement skills, before moving on to more advanced cricket-specific skills. Throughout, the principles of games-based learning are applied – we all like playing games (players and coaches!), and a skill learnt in isolation of the game is probably not going to be retained, so sessions include a game (or scenario) designed to test the skills learnt earlier.

For the “young people and adult’s” environment (ECB definition –thirteen years of age and above), the focus shifts to cricket-specific skills and, most importantly, how and when to use them in match play situations. Players are consistently encouraged to develop new skills, always with the support of the coach and team mates. Net practice becomes more than a slugfest, with batters facing game-specific challenges and bowlers working against them, not serving up “buffet” bowling (“help your self”)!

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