Better Cricket for Individuals is about much more than just coaching the skills of cricket – it is about helping the player to become the best possible version of themselves.

For all players, batters and bowlers, it is important to develop the individual’s own, personal style, and not to try to impose a “text book technique”.

That does not mean that we will ignore the core principles associated with each skill, such as “presenting the full face of the bat” or “projecting energy through the ball towards the target”.

But any coaching interventions will be presented in the context of the player’s own style, and of the skill in context.

Can the player consistently hit through the off-side, and to leg? And keep out the tricky straight one?

Are you a run maker?

Does the bowler have control over line and length, of swing and change of pace, of spin and flight?

Are you a wicket taker?

Can those skills be delivered under match conditions?

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