I work in schools to deliver the Chance to Shine and Team Up programmes.

Better Cricket helps teachers to deliver structured PE lessons based on a cricket theme, in which participants will learn new skills, and how and when to apply them. Time spent on practice drills and “coaching” is kept to a minimum to allow more time for games-based learning.

Better Cricket supports the ongoing provision of high quality PE lessons in schools, by helping teachers to develop the competence and confidence to deliver effective and engaging cricket-based PE lessons.

Cricket as a sport offers unique opportunities for developing cricket-specific skills, such as striking, throwing and catching, alongside the application of fundamentals of movement – Agility, Balance and Coordination.

Self- and peer-assessment is actively encouraged. Reflection on your own performance and that of your team mates is central to the concept of the growth mindset. Simple questions – “how did that go?” and “how could it be better next time?” – can open the way to rapid and sustainable improvement, not only in performing individual physical skills but also in understanding how improvement happens.

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