2020 Vision — new decade, new coaching opportunities

One clear theme is emerging in my coaching diary for the start of the year — in 2020 I will be doing much more to support cricket for girls.

The start of the year will see a focus on coaching in schools:

  • three schools signed up through the Team Up programme, via Essex Cricket in the Community — upwards of 50 hours with yr7, 8 & 9 girls before Easter;
  • one of the schools has asked if I can run an after-school club for the girls.
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Peer-to-peer mentoring: the future of coach development?

“we need to develop world class coaches for beginners”

Frank Dick

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the challenge of developing coaches to work with beginners — children, or adults, new to a sport or to sports in general.

When I wrote that post, I asked what was being done to deliver on the ambition espoused by Frank Dick, and supported by many others.

I received some feedback that recognised the issue, but no suggestions of what could be done about it.

Since then, I have completed a quietly inspirational online course, Coaching Others to Coach.

And I might have seen the future of coach development in England.

Just maybe, it looks a bit like you, or me.

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Coaching for beginners — “we need to develop world class coaches _for_ beginners”

Frank Dick said exactly this at the ECB CA conference in 2015. Everyone nodded. Nothing much seems to have changed…

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