Question time – ECB Coaches Association Conference, day 2

After the buzz of day 1, my day 2 at the ECB Coaches Association had a much more philosophical twist to it.

Probably for the best, after participating in Ian Renshaw’s “Club Constraints” session on Saturday, then waking early on Sunday morning to listen to the end of the Women’s Ashes ODI.

So I was ready to sit, listen and think by the time we got going on the morning of day 2. Continue reading “Question time – ECB Coaches Association Conference, day 2”

I don’t coach women or girls, men or boys…I coach cricketers.

I have been lucky enough to coach a lot of players over the last 12 months.

Groups of children, from 3 years old and up; a University Club – up to 30 young men (and a few young women); several individuals, both adult Club players and aspiring County age-group “performance squad” members, girls and boys.

But I honestly could not claim to be a specialist in coaching children, or “young people & adults”.

So – I don’t coach women or girls; men or boys; adults or children.

I coach cricketers, and people who want to play the game.

Anyone, in fact, who wants to get just a little better at playing the game.

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Adapting jail-break cricket for YPA

On Saturday I attended an ECB CPD workshop, Training & Interventions for Young People & Adults (YPA).

As part of the workshop, we each had to devise a training intervention.  I came up with this – derived from the jail-break cricket game.

For a group of U17s, moving from 20 over to 40 over (or longer) format; challenged by the need to bat for longer periods of time without sacrificing scoring opportunities.

Batting in pairs, batters have a limited number of “lives”; lose them all, and the innings is over; gain more lives by hitting the ball to a designated target zone (analogous to the JBZ). Continue reading “Adapting jail-break cricket for YPA”