A response to “Coaching: a fabulous crisis” – part 2, what is a batting coach?

In part 1 of this response to Rick Walton’s post “Coaching: a fabulous crisis”, I tried to outline my own approach to coaching batters. In this section, I want to investigate some of the knowledge and characteristics that a modern batting coach might need.

A response to “Coaching: a fabulous crisis” – part 1, just let them play!

In Coaching: a fabulous crisis, Rick Walton encapsulated the dilemma facing the batting coach today – in an era when “if the ball goes to the fence, anything goes”, what is the role of the coach? Graham Gooch, in a coaching programme available to purchase via PitchVision, succinctly described the role of the batsman as …

Coaching: a fabulous crisis.

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We can’t pretend nothing’s changed; everything’s changed. McCullum plays baseball cum tennis, with hands eight feet apart, off a wide, elasticated base. Pietersen says ‘kiss the ball’ – it’s all about head – and forget (or trust?) your feet. Nye Donald (a fair symbol for the next, irresistible generation?) has high,…