The coaches toolkit revisited (3): deliberate practice vs. deliberate play

In the iCoachKids MOOC, “Coaching on the Ground: Planning, Doing and Reviewing”, coaches were challenged to review their coaching practice. I have looked at my use of the coaching tools themselves, and of the spectrum of practice types, Blocked-Variable-Random. In this final section, I wanted to look at the question of Deliberate Play vs. Deliberate […]

The coaches toolkit revisited (2): Blocked, Variable or Random?

Following on from reviewing my use of the coaches’ toolkit, I wanted to take a look at how I deploy different types of practice — Blocked, Variable, Random — and what I can do better. I have long been an advocate of game-based practice — because I like playing games, and so do (most of) […]

The coaches toolkit revisited (1): how well do I use the tools at my disposal?

I have blogged previously about the contents of my “coaches’ toolkit”, but I have never really considered how well I actually use the tools. Prompted, again, by the iCoachKids MOOC Coaching on the Ground: Planning, Doing & Reviewing, it’s time to take another look.