Sir Garfield says…look after the ball

What question would you ask the greatest all-rounder the game has ever known?

How to polish a cricket ball?

Me neither.

But I heard this from someone who asked this question of Sir Garfield Sobers – just one degree of separation from greatness…and a great tip, too!

The trick is to keep the ball dry, and to polish so hard that the ball becomes hot.  Try it – it really does work.

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Over rates – why does everything take so long?

When I started this blog, I set myself a little (unwritten) rule.  I would never write “it was better in the old days”…

So I am going to struggle with this next post…but here we go.

Why is the Club game so slow these days?  It wasn’t like this when I was a lad.

(I said it was an unwritten rule.  Now it is broken.)

I umpired a game last Sunday.  40 Overs a side.  Start time was 1 PM.  And we finally got in to tea at twenty to five.

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Last Man Stands – is this the way forward for recreational cricket?

One of the challenges for ECB Coaches working in the Club sector is the constant turn-over of players, especially after they leave the established Colts’ set-up, generally after U16.

At my own Club, we have more than 70 players in the junior section, from 8-years old upwards.  If we are lucky, we might see four or five join the senior Club (and probably fewer than that stay with the Club into their twenties).

I am sure that there are complex social reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest challenge for Clubs, County Associations, and coaches is to provide a form of the game that is accessible and enjoyable for the younger players before they are lost to adulthood.

With support from County Boards and local councilsLast Man Stands might just be that format.  Offering competitive cricket, played at local venues, for players not able (or willing) to commit to a full day of competitive league cricket on a Saturday or Sunday, LastManStands could be a bridge between Colts cricket and the senior Club game. Continue reading Last Man Stands – is this the way forward for recreational cricket?