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Gentlemen & Players, 2016

As someone who earns his living from coaching the game of cricket, before 1963 I would have been a “Player“, who used a separate changing room, probably ate lunch apart from the Gentlemen, and would have been listed on scorecards as Beaven A. R. (or, indeed, as “Teesra T[he]”), not A.R. Beaven.

Archaic, in the 21st Century, surely?

Perhaps – but does the distinction between “Gentlemen” and “Players” still persist in 2016?

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Socio cultural constraints…not something I ever expected to blog about…

Socio-cultural constraints – how a player’s social and cultural background influences learning behaviour…not something I ever expected to blog about.

However, translating frantically, if we were to say that the coach really should try to understand where the players come from, then this becomes a little easier to put into practice.

Two recent examples:

  • with a 10 year old girl, county age group, lots of advice from different directions, all well intentioned but sometimes contradictory – “smile sweetly, say ‘thank you’, take on board everything you have been told…and find out what works for you
  • with an 11 year old boy…challenge their logic, challenge their pride – “what happened then? did it work? can you do it again? snd what can you do next time to get an even better outcome?”
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We win! Back to the drawing board…

It’s a common enough refrain from managers and coaches after a heavy defeat, or at the end of an unsuccessful season – we will have to go back to the drawing board/training ground, or (in the modern idiom) get back to our “processes”…

Perfectly understandable, and certainly not wrong.

But what to do when you have just recorded a winning season?  When teams have won divisional titles and promotions, when the Colts section has dominated County age group competitions, and produced players who now expect to score runs in senior cricket.

Back to the drawing board, I say!

When you are strong, that is the time to put in the hard yards to make next season, and the seasons to follow, even better.