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Shall we watch the ODI? Nah, let’s kick a football around the park

I was coaching on Wednesday night.  I managed to find regular excuses to return to the club, to collect another piece of kit and to sneak a look at the telly and to keep an eye on the score in the 4th ODI between England and New Zealand.

We finished at 8, and with England needing another 150 in 20 overs or so, I expected the players to come into the club to watch the game.  Five minutes later, they were back out on the park, playing football.

Live international cricket lost out to a kick around.

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England’s DNA – how the FA define their philosophy #playingyourpart

I spent last Sunday with a group of football coaches from the FA East region, finding out about the FA’s new initiative, “England’s DNA”.

With presentations and coaching demonstrations on “who we are”, “the future player”, “how we coach”, “how we play” and “how we support”, the day offered both theoretical and practical guidance as to how the FA expects its coaches to develop the Future Player – from grassroots to the international stage.

For all the fanfare around the “DNA”, perhaps most revealing was the statement, in an introductory video, that there was, in fact, no fixed model – as soon as a document is written, it goes out of date (or evolves, to maintain the biological metaphor).

What was offered was a framework, beyond the “4 corners” (see below) for the philosophical grounding of football coaching.

It sounds quite high-powered – in fact, it was practical and realistic, and there are definitely lessons to be learnt.

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on culture – core values and clear purpose

I have just listened to a webinar by Dr Wade Gilbert, hosted by Human Kinetics, in which Dr Gilbert presented a toolkit to help make adherence to the core values central to the culture of the team or organisation – to “normalise the abnormal”, as he put it.

  • define & repeatedly articulate the core values
  • actively teach the core values
    • often this will mean the coach modelling the desired values
  • recruit players who already share the core values (not always possible at every level, admittedly)
  • reward appropriate behaviours (and punish backsliding)