Reading list

A far from complete list of the coaching titles on my bookshelf.

Every one of these books has taught me something new, and made me think about how I coach.

I hope to add short reviews for some of these books, but for now, the 🏏 ratings identify the titles I have found most useful.

Coaching theory & pedagogy

Cricket Coaching β€” generic

  • Grimmett on Cricket β€” Clarrie Grimmett
  • Cricket the Australian Way β€” Jack Pollard (ed.)
  • Bob Woolmer’s Art and Science of Cricket β€” Bob Woolmer, Tim Noakes & Helen Moffett
  • The Art of Cricket β€” Sir Donald Bradman
  • Cutting Edge Cricket — Cricket Australia
  • Chappell on Coaching β€” Greg Chappell
  • The Test and County Cricket Board Guide to Better Cricket β€” Vic Marks
  • Twenty 20 Cricket β€” Matt Homes and Darren Talbot
  • The Classic Guide to Cricket β€” W.G. Grace

Coaching β€” bowling

  • The Bowler’s Art — Brian Wilkins 🏏🏏
  • The Art of Wrist Spin Bowling β€” Peter Philpott 🏏
  • The Fast Bowler’s Bible β€” Ian Pont
  • Ultimate Pace Secrets β€” Ian Pont
  • The Art of Fast Bowling β€” Dennis Lillee 🏏
  • Bowling: How to play, coach and win β€” Mark Davis and Sam Collins

Coaching β€” batting

  • Bradman Revisited: The Legacy of Sir Donald Bradman β€” A.L. Shillinglaw 🏏🏏

Coaching β€” wicket keeping

  • Alan Knott on Wicket Keeping β€” Alan Knott

Coaching Drills

  • Games for Cricket Training β€” Alan Oakman
  • Coaching Youth Cricket β€” Ian Pont
  • 101 Youth Cricket Drills: age 7 to 11 β€” Luke Sellers
  • 101 Youth Cricket Drills : age 12 to 16 β€” Luke Sellers
  • Inspired Cricket: Practise like the pros β€” Iain Brunschweiler
  • Inspired Cricket 2: Practise with purpose β€” Iain Brunschweiler

Sport psychology

  • Mindful Cricket — Graham Winter
  • Mindful Cricket Workbook β€” Graham Winter
  • Tipping the Balance: The Mental Skills Handbook for Athletes β€” Dr Martin Turner & Dr Jamie Barker 🏏
  • The Psychology of Cricket: Developing Mental Toughness β€” Stewart Cotterill & Jamie Barker

Coaching philosophy

  • The Barefoot Coach — Paddy Upton🏏🏏