Designing games for CGBL

This page was first written in 2014, with modifications in 2015.  I am still a big fan of games-based learning, but my understanding of how to create appropriate games has evolved over time.

I’ll leave the page here, as it still contains some basic ideas on games that (might) work with different age groups; games design is, hopefully, becoming more sophisticated and, more importantly, better attuned with player needs and aspirations.

The game needs to be as cricket-like as possible, to (a) set skills in context and (b) contribute to development of overall “game-sense”.

Games for u7s (“Early”)

  • Continuous cricket
  • Kwik Cricket (Coach bowling?)
  • “Scatter ball” – striking & fielding; running between the wickets
  • Lord’s Game – striking & fielding
  • Bowl-out/”hit the stumps”
  • “Run Him Out”
  • RelayCricket
  • Jail-break cricket

Emphasise Fun and FUNdamentals of Movement; maximise involvement and play

Games for u11s (“Basic”)

  • street20/”Oakfield Game”
  • Kwik Cricket
  • “Lord’s Game” (stroke development)
  • Bowl-out/”hit the stumps”
  • “Run Him Out”
  • RelayCricket
  • Jail-break cricket

Fun; emphasise skill acquisition; introduce Tactical

Games for u13+

Emphasise Tactical; Technical (skill) development

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