Festival nights — reflections on the MiniMatchplay festival at the CloudFM Essex County Ground, Chelmsford

I enjoyed two evenings this week at the County Ground, Chelmsford, officiating in the annual MiniMatchplay festivals hosted by Essex Cricket in the Community.

The MiniMatchplay is a participation event, for teams of under 11s from clubs around the County.

What a great opportunity for the young cricketers to play on a first class ground, under floodlights. Certainly trumps my only appearance (to date) at the County Ground as a player.

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Peer-to-peer mentoring: the future of coach development?

“we need to develop world class coaches for beginners”

Frank Dick

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on the challenge of developing coaches to work with beginners — children, or adults, new to a sport or to sports in general.

When I wrote that post, I asked what was being done to deliver on the ambition espoused by Frank Dick, and supported by many others.

I received some feedback that recognised the issue, but no suggestions of what could be done about it.

Since then, I have completed a quietly inspirational online course, Coaching Others to Coach.

And I might have seen the future of coach development in England.

Just maybe, it looks a bit like you, or me.

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Is the 100 too long? Maybe it’s time for the SIX!

What a finish in the World Cup Final.

Right down to the final ball, and the match is tied after 50 overs each.

Still tied after the Super Over.

Let’s quietly forget the “total boundaries scored” tie-break.

But that Super Over. All of the excitement of cricket, condensed into just 6 balls per team.

When the ECB’s 100 format was proposed, I had jokingly commented that it might still be a bit too long, and suggested that something akin to street20 might be the ultimate short format to “bring back the masses”.

Now, I wonder if there is something that can be lifted from the Super Over format.

So — the Teesra presents…

The SIX!

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