Coaching for girls (and boys…and beginners…and everyone…) — half-term review

I have just completed a 6 week block of work visiting schools to deliver cricket-based PE lessons for secondary school-age girls.

With only three lessons with each class, there wasn’t going to be time to coach skills in any depth (even if this was appropriate for a PE lesson), so the emphasis was on introducing an understanding of the game of cricket (what is cricket? what skills are needed? what tactics might be needed?) and on engagement with the game (playing for the sake of playing).

Hence I aimed to play games in every lesson, and we finished with a “games-sense” session.

What follows is a look at the course structure — skills & games — and some of the thinking behind it, and a summary of how the lessons were received.

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You’ve walked how many steps? Tracking coaching activity.

After a busy day of coaching, I often get home feeling pretty tired. It’s hard work. And I’m not getting any younger.

That said, I am probably fitter than I was before I started coaching regularly in 2014 (as evidenced by being able to fit into a pair of walking trousers that I had “out-grown” nearly 10 years ago!).

So I was interested to see just how much exercise I was getting.

When Opening Up Cricket announced a campaign to encourage people to walk 10,000 steps a day to boost mental and physical health, I saw an opportunity to monitor my overall activity, at work and generally.

So, armed with a new fitness tracker, I have been recording my activity every day, coaching, commuting and recreational.

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