Whole-Part-Whole — time for another look?

Back in 2014 I posted a simple page describing the “Whole-Part-Whole” session plan — play a game (“Whole”), coach a specific skill component relevant to that game (“Part”), then play the game, or a conditioned version of the game, again (“Whole”, again).

Just a description, filed under “coaching resources” alongside some more traditional session plans (level 2, back then, was billed as “learning to write plans”), with no attempt to explain why it might be useful.

Recently, the page has started to generate some more views — nothing spectacular, but as many visits in the last 12 months as in the previous 7 years.

So I thought it might be interesting to take another look at Whole-Part-Whole (WPW), and why I still think it is a useful framework for session planning.

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Hit the reset button! Introducing learning opportunities (for batters) in games-based practice.

I have been catching up with the winter programme of iCoachCricket Live, the webinar series for ECB Coaches Association members. Not all of the presentations resonate with me, but there are some nuggets amongst the chat.

In the course of a discussion about the ECB CA’s new “Unleashing Potential” framework, there was some mention of how coaches might make more better of “games-based” practice, by modifying the playing conditions to challenge the batters’ tactical (and technical) development.

Of most interest (to me) was the concept of the “reset button” — if a pre-specified shot or tactic fails and the batter is dismissed, she can “press the reset” and have another go.

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A season with the Seniors — playing for the over 60s

I am just about to embark on my second season of Seniors (60+) cricket with Essex in the National 60+/70+ County Cricket Championship.

We were winners of the 4th XI competition in 2021. Possibly stretching it a bit to claim we are “national champions”, as only 6 Counties field a 4th XI in the “national” comp (compared with 36 that are represented at 1st XI level).

But we were in it, and we won it!

The 4th XI section will be competitive again in 2022, with Kent looking to regain their title. COVID has not been invited for 2022…

And the 3rd XI competition has expanded to include 14 teams, in West & East sections, so there is the prospect of post-season play-off rounds in 2022, and trips to new locations beyond the South East Home Counties.

Lots to look forward to!

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