About “The Teesra”

About me

I have been playing Club cricket since 1975, mostly in Essex but also for three years in Cheshire.  I still turn out when I can, but I now spend much more time coaching – currently UKCC2 (ECB Coach), and always looking for CPD opportunities; I enjoyed the “Coaching Children” CPD workshops, and hope to see the post-level 2 “Diploma” course rolled out soon.

Persevering swing, rather than penetrative pace, best characterised my bowling (aside from brief experiments with non-spinning off-breaks – I called them my “arm balls”). So look out for essays in this blog, rather than pithy epigrams – unlikely to be twitter-feed.

I’ll be writing mostly on the Club game – coaching and developing young (and not so young) players, League rules, umpires (always with the greatest respect, of course, especially now I have joined the men in the white coats), why the game isn’t as good today as it was when I first started playing…

There might be a few diversions into the First Class arena…after all, we all think we know better than the pros and the England selectors!

I completed the ECB ACO level 1 umpiring course in 2014, and I stand for the Club Colts XIs.

Why “The Teesra”?

Back in 2004, Saqlain Mushtaq was reputed to be developing a new mystery delivery, to follow on from the doosra – the “other” or second delivery. It’s not clear if the teesra (the “third” one) ever was bowled in anger, or even exactly what the delivery might be, but this blog is dedicated to the ongoing search for cricketing innovation, and especially to “good cricket” (whatever that might be).

Andrew Beaven

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