Indoor cricket – what can we learn? What should we coach?

No sooner had we finished our last games of the summer season than we started into the indoor cricket season.  Two senior teams and 6 Colts’ teams have been entered into various competitions over the winter.

With so much indoor cricket in prospect, it seems sensible for the coaches to run a few sessions around the specifics of the indoor game, at least until we start to work on pre-season drills for the new summer season. Continue reading “Indoor cricket – what can we learn? What should we coach?”

Sir Garfield says…look after the ball

What question would you ask the greatest all-rounder the game has ever known?

How to polish a cricket ball?

Me neither.

But I heard this from someone who asked this question of Sir Garfield Sobers – just one degree of separation from greatness…and a great tip, too!

The trick is to keep the ball dry, and to polish so hard that the ball becomes hot.  Try it – it really does work.

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Over rates – part 2

One of our Club XIs was missing both skipper and vice a couple of weeks ago, and I was asked to stand-in for the day.  After my post on dilatory over rates back in July, I had the unexpected opportunity to see if the Teesra could get a team through its overs at a decent rate.

First innings – 51 overs in a little over 3 hours (17 overs/hour); second innings – 25 overs in 90 minutes (before the final hour’s play – a touch under 17 overs/hour).

It can be done! Continue reading “Over rates – part 2”