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This page will link to a selection of coaching session plans.

Team Up session plans

Cricket Games Based Learning

Old session plans

The session plans linked to below were written originally for the practical assessment on the ECB “Coach” award (level2); they were intended for groups of U11 players, but have been used successfully for U13s as well, with appropriate modifications as required.

Most of the ideas for the plans has been derived from other coaching manuals, all of which will eventually be listed in a Bibliography.

The session plan format is that (formerly) recommended by ECB Coaches Association.

All comments and coaching points are my own – if you disagree with any of them, or can suggest any improvements, please do let me know.

Note that the format of these session plans follows that of ECB Coach Education before 2013.  More recently, changes to Coach Education have begun to introduce different structures, such as “whole-part-whole“, and an increased emphasis on Cricket Game-Based Learning (CGBL), which may well replace the “skill drills” approach.

It is fair to say that I only very rarely coach this way today (2019) — sessions are still planned, in outline at least, and appropriate questions prepared, but I am much more likely to rejig the running order, extending an activity the players enjoy, cutting short one that the players don’t engage with.

And the balance will be much more towards games-based activities. Whole-Part-Whole can become Whole-let’s talk about it-Whole-a bit more review-Whole.

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