Lock ‘em up — ‘video game design’ pt 2

In ‘lock ‘em up’, the batting team earn ‘upgrades’ (more open spaces to hit the ball into) by ‘locking’ fielders into disadvantageous fielding positions by successfully hitting the ball into designated target areas. It is, in many respects, a gamified version of the old ‘Lord’s game’.  I have played it only with a front foot […]

The leg-side game — making the batsman think.

Nice variation on the leg-side game this morning, thanks to Oli Rae. Batsman set up close to net on off-side, leg-side with targets at mid-on and square leg; random feed — short-of-a-length (for the pull stroke), bobble-feed on leg stump (on-drive). Batters aware of leg-side options, but not able to set-up for pull or drive in […]

Jailbreak Cricket v2.0

Interesting tweet from Phil Kearney yesterday: Sensible advice from Judith Rink; coaches should design a game that is challenging but that the athletes can manage to play. As the learner progresses, so does the game. pic.twitter.com/IeXI46DuhS — Phil Kearney (@kearney_phil) February 15, 2018 For me, the key line from the quote was “…as much of […]