The leg-side game — making the batsman think.

Nice variation on the leg-side game this morning, thanks to Oli Rae.

Batsman set up close to net on off-side, leg-side with targets at mid-on and square leg; random feed — short-of-a-length (for the pull stroke), bobble-feed on leg stump (on-drive).

Batters aware of leg-side options, but not able to set-up for pull or drive in advance of delivery.

  • Outcomes:  much improved striking by all members of the group.  They were able to predict the stroke, but had to retain their stance until the ball was delivered.
  • Additional learning: be aware of the gaps in the field, and target them when the opportunity arises.

Jailbreak Cricket v2.0

Interesting tweet from Phil Kearney yesterday:

For me, the key line from the quote was “…as much of the game as the players can successfully manage…”

Which made me think of how my favourite practice game, Jailbreak Cricket can, sometimes, break down – we have been doing it wrong, all along!

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Power hitting with Julian Wood – camán and sliotars

I attended a fascinating Power Hitting Masterclass with Julian Wood at the MCC Cricket Academy, yesterday.  Sunday evening saw a dozen coaches having a lot of fun hitting balls.

Lots of ideas on how to help others hit harder and smarter – and it was a little drill to develop wrist speed and flexibility when hitting, with hurling stick and balls (the camán and sliotars of the title), that I think might try out (if I can just get hold of the equipment). Continue reading Power hitting with Julian Wood – camán and sliotars