#AllStarsCricket – good for the future of the game

To Lord’s on Sunday, for an ECB presentation on their new programme for 5-8 year olds – All Stars Cricket.

The promise is ambitious.

All Stars Cricket is a nationwide programme developed by the ECB and our Elite Coach Development team that aims to inspire 5 to 8 year olds to take up cricket and join your club!

All Stars Cricket enables children to acquire the skills to play the game and connects them to England cricket heroes. We will provide your club with everything you need to deliver an unique experience for kids and their parents.

Active and direct support from ECB to recruit players and volunteers, and the added incentive that “the programme will be unbureacratic and will not require the level of training of coaches as clubs are normally used to” combine to make All Stars Cricket very attractive to Clubs struggling to attract young players into the game.

The pitch was strong on “player experience” and engagement (both good things, essential, in fact).  Less clear (at this, very early, stage) on progression and retention of players.

But at first sight, All Stars Cricket definitely looks like a winner!

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I don’t coach women or girls, men or boys…I coach cricketers.

I have been lucky enough to coach a lot of players over the last 12 months.

Groups of children, from 3 years old and up; a University Club – up to 30 young men (and a few young women); several individuals, both adult Club players and aspiring County age-group “performance squad” members, girls and boys.

But I honestly could not claim to be a specialist in coaching children, or “young people & adults”.

So – I don’t coach women or girls; men or boys; adults or children.

I coach cricketers, and people who want to play the game.

Anyone, in fact, who wants to get just a little better at playing the game.

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It ain’t what you say, it’s what gets understood.  Or “coaching lessons from three year olds”

Fascinating little video clip from @CoachLisle, which beautifully illustrates the perils of (mis)communication for coaches.

Top listening skills from the player, great learning opportunity for the coach!

There is a lot to be said for all coaches spending time young players and beginners – to refine their communication skills, and the identify the core, non-negotiable elements of technical skills.

If you were teaching a three year old to hit a ball, where would you start?  Grip, stance, back-swing?

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