Bring the ropes in…a conversation with @ballsrightsreas

Interesting conversation with Dave C, aka @ballsrightareas, on setting boundaries for junior cricket. Watching highlights of Eng Women smashing sixes. Fantastic viewing. Why can’t club colts match boundaries be shorter to enable more sixes? — Dave C, cricket wonk (@ballsrightareas) June 22, 2016 They often are, where I coach/umpire, BUT that can unfairly favour bigger […]

Last Man Stands – is this the way forward for recreational cricket?

One of the challenges for ECB Coaches working in the Club sector is the constant turn-over of players, especially after they leave the established Colts’ set-up, generally after U16. At my own Club, we have more than 70 players in the junior section, from 8-years old upwards.  If we are lucky, we might see four or five […]

Twenty20 – “good cricket”? Oh, yes!

There is an interesting discussion on the PitchVision Academy on the merits of twenty20 as a coaching model for young cricketers. Sometimes the performances of the top players can look almost superhuman, and it can be difficult to find ideal models for younger players to follow. Trying to hit the ball as far as Chris […]