Game sense — more than just “common sense”?

I like games; I enjoy modifying games; I do believe in the power of cricket games based learning to develop cricketers who are technically competent, tactically wise and mentally prepared. But in truth, I do still struggle to understand the many different flavours of games-based coaching. So I was very interested to listen to a […]

How small is small enough? A (partial) answer

“Striking/fielding games such as cricket, baseball, and rounders share: the concept of scoring by striking a ball into open spaces;fielders being placed strategically to prevent runs from being scored” quoted in Kirk, D. and MacPhail, A. (2002) ‘Teaching Games for Understanding and Situated Learning: Rethinking the Bunker-Thorpe Model’, Journal of Teaching in Physical Education 21(2), pp. […]

Teesra Talks — Play, Review, Play, Review…and Repeat. A review

The latest edition of Teesra Talks : Play-Review-Play-Play…and Repeat — a Review takes a look at an alternative session plan I have been trying out with our u9 softball squad this autumn. The original blog post, referenced in the audio, is here. Teesra Talks are hosted on, and are also available as a subscription podcast […]