My least favourite All Stars activity…it ain’t PEAS, is it?

Delivering face-to-face training for All Stars & Dynamos Activators, yesterday, and came across my least favourite All Stars activity — diamond cricket. IMO There really is so much to dislike about this game, and little to recommend it.

Pedagogy & philosophy — ECB National Programmes getting it right

In a recent post I mentioned how, in my opinion, the ECB’s National Programmes have more to say about learning to play (by playing “games” to learn; repetition without repetition) and player behaviours (the multi-ability model, developed in collaboration with Create Development) than the mainstream coaching programmes. I ran All Stars sessions for three years, …

The Teesra Turns Tutor — All Stars Cricket Activator training

A new experience for me, this year — delivering training for All Stars Cricket Activators. Thanks to Claire, my “co-tutor” (is that a word?) for the day. Great engagement from the Activators. Hope they enjoyed the morning as much as I did!