How to Introduce Javelin to Young Athletes – from Coaching Young Athletes

Originally posted on Coaching Young Athletes:
Coach Young Athletes to Throw a Javelin in 6 Simple Steps The following sequence can be used to introduce the javelin to beginners using either modified javelins (e.g. Turbojavs) or the real implement. I have used these teaching steps with class-sized groups of up to thirty children within a…

#playingyourpart – what I won’t be taking from England’s DNA

A couple of pieces of coaching technique I won’t be pursuing, from the “England’s DNA: Playing your part” conference last Sunday. “NO, NO, NO – not like that” And (repeated several times during a practical session) – “go on, go on, you’re in…oh, you missed that one” “Trial-and-error” is a perfectly valid coaching methodology, but it has […]

#playingyourpart – what I shall be “stealing” from England’s DNA

From the FA’s “England DNA: Playing your part” conference, I will be taking the focus on “social” skills, from their 4 Corners model. In particular, I shall be encouraging my players to take five minutes before a game or practice to work together to devise field settings and strategies.  If they don’t talk off the field, what chance […]