Concepts to challenge your approach to coaching – from Dan Abrahams

I attended the SportInMind Football Psychology Workshop, with Dan Abrahams, partly because I have just started onto the football coaching pathway, but mostly because I am becoming more and more interested in what Dan describes as “human and performance psychology – the internal that drives the external.” And I have to say that Dan did […]

Dealing with pressure from “beyond the boundary” – so that’s why we need “connection and extension”

“Slow down, and you will bowl straighter”.  I never appreciated receiving this advice when I was a young (never very) quick bowler, and I certainly don’t like hearing it now, from an experienced player advising a youngster who I have been encouraging to (try to) bowl fast. Bowling fast and straight is not impossible.  It is challenging, but […]

To Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox – does anyone sing?

Hardly anyone sings the Star Spangled banner, to the dismay of my companion, CC, a baseball traditionalist (who does sing)…I am a visitor, so I am forgiven. The line “the land of the free” does get the crowd cheering, but why wait so long to participate? “They are all too uptight”, is CC’s diagnosis – […]