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Practice vs. Play; Freedom vs. Discipline

…it should be the aim of an ideally constructed education that the discipline be the voluntary issue of free choice, and that the freedom should gain an enrichment of possibility as the issue of discipline.

Alfred North Whitehead, The Rhythmic Claims of Freedom and Discipline, 1922

Substitute “education” in this quotation with “coaching programme”.

A coaching philosophy to aspire to?

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Coaching Philosophy v2.01

Back in December 2018 I drafted a “coaching philosophy’ whilst working through the iCoachKids MOOC Developing Effective Environments for Children in Sport.

My Coaching Philosophy v2.0

  • Better is always possible — you just might have to re-define your better!
  • But if it isn’t fun, the participants won’t come back next week, and will never have the chance to get any better!

I have belatedly returned to the iCK courses, and have just completed MOOC #3, Coaching on the Ground: Planning, Doing, Reviewing.

One challenge set for the “Lifelong Learning Coach” is to revisit and review behaviours, habits, and philosophies.

So — how does the Philosophy 2.0 it still stand up to scrutiny, 15 months on?

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Activator Tutor Training; new models, new ways of coaching — Teesra Talks

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Activator Tutor training; new models, new ways of coaching–new-ways-of-coaching-ebfjbr

I was invited to join the All Stars Activator tutor team for Essex last year. Good fun, and it gave me an alternative perspective on what coaches and Activators actually do.

So I was very excited about a trip to Loughborough, earlier this week, for the 2020 All Stars & Dynamos Cricket Activator tutor training.

In the podcast, I discuss models of child behaviour from Create Development, implications for coach behaviour and Coach Development, and possible applications in my own coaching.

N.B. Sound quality and levels on this episode are not great, so I’ll try to re-record, when I get the chance. For now, you might need to turn up the volume and listen in a quiet room…