Grooving that stroke…does music help?

Interesting net session yesterday, working with a batsman to get ready for the new season.  Lots of work on grooving the bat path, a little on developing bat speed. We were next to a group who had set up a (small) speaker in their net, and played music during their practice. Coaching in lane next […]

Head hunting – another approach to getting more from net practice.

Back in November, David Hinchliffe proposed a novel way of getting the most from net practice, with what he described as the “horror movie” approach.  I suggested adding a camera, to give the Blair Witch net session. I have been looking for more ways to make net practice more competitive, and more realistic, but I […]

The campaign for real sledging – or why there is a problem with moronic chatter

I have a confession.  I quite enjoy a little sledging.  If the fielding team decide to criticise my batting technique (and I give them plenty of scope for that!) I am generally quite happy to play along. There is no point getting annoyed, or distracted.  A quick response and, 99 times out of 100, back […]