“Mental disintegration” – is sledging ever justified?

I have spent more time umpiring than coaching this season. Not a conscious decision, but it seems to have worked out that way. And it has to be said that you do get a different view of the game when you are wearing the white coat. Continue reading ““Mental disintegration” – is sledging ever justified?”

You are the umpire…Google to the rescue

A fast full toss flashes over the top of the stumps, pitches just in front of the wicket-keeper and bursts through his gloves, hits the keeper’s helmet (correctly placed on the ground behind the keeper, in line with the stumps), then careers on to crash into the sightscreen.

No ball (full toss, above waist height).
Five penalty runs (ball strikes protective helmet belonging to the fielding side, on the ground)

…then what? Four (more) no balls?

I stood in a Colts’ game a couple of weeks ago, when this happened. I am not a qualified umpire; nor was my colleague. We conferred, scratched our heads, thought about running off to find a copy of the Laws…then my colleague pulled out his smartphone, googled “helmet penalty runs”, and got the answer back in seconds.

I know the professionals (and all qualified umpires) would never need to resort to Google, but it worked for us!

oh, the answer – the ball was dead as soon as it struck the helmet on the ground (Law 41, paragraph 3), so 1 no ball plus 5 penalty runs (plus a warning to the bowler).

Twenty20 – “good cricket”? Oh, yes!

There is an interesting discussion on the PitchVision Academy on the merits of twenty20 as a coaching model for young cricketers. Sometimes the performances of the top players can look almost superhuman, and it can be difficult to find ideal models for younger players to follow.

Trying to hit the ball as far as Chris Gayle, or playing the Dil-scoop, or bowling 150kph yorkers like Lasith Malinga – surely, that’s only for the professionals?

Is there something in twenty20 for younger players (and amateurs at all levels) to aspire to?

If you saw the IPL2011 game between Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils, then the answer has to be yes. Continue reading “Twenty20 – “good cricket”? Oh, yes!”