Teesra Talks – audio diary

Why Teesra Talks?

I started theteesra.com, my cricket coaching blog, back in 2009, as a place to sketch out my ideas on coaching best practice.

I set myself a simple quality rule – nothing gets posted until it has been thought through, and can be presented in a (mostly) coherent text.

I have found that the discipline of writing helps me to marshal my thinking on a topic — on more than one occasion, I have reached a different conclusion in the blog to my initial starting position!

So why Teesra Talks, now?

The written blog is a strong discipline to maintain (and I shall still be posting) but it can take time to pull together a post.

So, Teesra Talks will be more like an audio diary, where I can reflect on coaching sessions & programmes more spontaneously.

Teesra Talks will be an “occasional” series – maybe once a week, hopefully at least once a month.

What to expect

Short monologues on recent (or not so recent) coaching sessions.

I shall probably follow the 3-point questioning that I first came across in a sports psychology workshop delivered by Dan Abrahams:

  1. “what went well?”
  2. “what could have gone better?”
  3. “what can we do between now and the next session to be even better next time?”

Where to find Teesra Talks

On theteesra.com with the category “podcast”, via @theteesra on Twitter, and on anchor.fm where the audio is hosted, and syndicated to a number of podcast distribution services.

Previous episodes