That. Yes, that!

Really interesting article in the current issue of the Harvard Business Review, on “The Feedback Fallacy — why feedback rarely does what it’s meant to”.

Thanks for the share, @davidhinchliffe

As coaches, I think we have all been there — “no, don’t do it like that”; “great, I like that!”

The article investigates why giving feedback based on our own definitions of “excellence” can be ineffective, or even damaging to the recipient.

And even gives an explanation, based in neuroscience, as to why affirmation can be more effective than praise.

The role of the coach is (should be) to draw excellence out, not to hammer it in!

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One more time

We were spoilt by the weather yesterday. This was the view as I arrived for work on Saturday morning, just before 8 am.

It has gone cold again, today. Of course it has! The First Class game has started already, and the more ambitious clubs will be venturing outside in the next week or two. It has to be cold, and windy (or cold, windy and wet) for the start of the new season!

I think it must be in the Laws, somewhere, or perhaps the Spirit of Cricket?

But this ECB video, from 2018 (with a cameo appearance from a friend), set me thinking about the new season, and getting ready for one more time around.

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Is patience over-rated?

I do quite a bit* of coaching with younger children, 7 and younger, right down to weekly groups with 3-4 year olds. Sessions can be messy, they can be loud, sometimes they must look pretty chaotic.

In truth, I really do quite enjoy the chaos (sometimes). I’ll let activities run on, if the players are engaging in some sort of “constructive” play.

Probably the most frequent feedback I receive, from parents and fellow coaches, regards “patience” — how I must have incredible depths of patience to work with the young groups, how much the children enjoy the freedom they get to play and learn.

And I also get the counter-statement — “it’s OK to be firmer with the kids, if they misbehave” (i.e. “you really are too patient, sometimes”).

I am coming to the conclusion that patience by itself might not be the virtue that it is held up as.

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