Anniversary Post — The Teesra Turns Ten

Today marks an anniversary for The Teesra.

The first recorded visit to a post on was on 2nd May, 2010. The blog existed on a a different platform before this (and, indeed, the earliest posts on this site are dated from 2009), but stats on begin on 2nd May, 2010.

An auspicious day — 2nd May is also my wedding anniversary!

coaching cricket philosophy

Practice vs. Play; Freedom vs. Discipline

…it should be the aim of an ideally constructed education that the discipline be the voluntary issue of free choice, and that the freedom should gain an enrichment of possibility as the issue of discipline.

Alfred North Whitehead, The Rhythmic Claims of Freedom and Discipline, 1922

Substitute “education” in this quotation with “coaching programme”.

A coaching philosophy to aspire to?

coaching cricket mental skills

Building mental skills for cricket…without playing cricket

Ever thought of bird watching?

No, really.

Scan an area, ideally a tree where birds congregate or visit; even better if it is around 20m away. Relax, try not to focus too closely on any one point, but be aware of what is going on in the space you are scanning.

When you spot movement, focus in on it. First on the movement, then perhaps on the branch or leaf, then down to the bird (or cat, or squirrel, or plastic bag…). Work towards an ever finer focus.

Now really look. Can you see any more detail? What colour is the bird? It’s wings? Beak? No binoculars.

Watch for a few seconds. Pick out as much detail as you can. Hold that fierce focus, visual and mental.

Then relax, and return to scanning.

And repeat.