Doping: what do we know? What can coaches do?

Does cricket have a problem doping?  Specifically, with the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)?  I would have said not, until I read this article from Andy Bull, in the Guardian from November 2017.  And then, last week, another piece on doping in cricket, this time from Tim Wigmore in the Daily Telegraph (subscription item).

So it was quite timely that I attended the inaugural lecture of Professor James Skinner, recently appointed as the Director of the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University London.

Professor Skinner and his colleagues have carried out a number of  research projects investigating perceptions of and attitudes towards doping in sport – public, athletes & coaches, dopers, young athletes.

And he has come to the conclusion that knowing why athletes dope is at least as important as knowing how when trying to devise appropriate counter-measures.

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What is coaching? From Performance to Little Legends

Back in November I completed an online course, Coaching in the Knowledge Era, led by Paddy Upton of Deakin University and hosted by FutureLearn –

I was struck by the parallels between Paddy’s definition of coaching in the knowledge era and the thoughts of Julian Stodd on the Social Age, of Ian Renshaw on a constraints-led approach to coaching, and of Trent Woodhill on being a batting coach in the modern era.

But I also found myself wondering if the concepts espoused by these elite coaches were going to be applicable to my own work with cricketing beginners.
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