Shortcut to success – part 3

The results are in from Australia – shorter pitches will be introduced for U11s & U13s, nationwide, starting from next season.

Good to see this is going ahead – time for the ECB to pick up another CA initiative?

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Grooving that stroke…does music help?

Interesting net session yesterday, working with a batsman to get ready for the new season.  Lots of work on grooving the bat path, a little on developing bat speed.

We were next to a group who had set up a (small) speaker in their net, and played music during their practice.

This could have been a distraction – we generally practice in a controlled (even slightly sterile) environment, where the only sounds are bat on ball, or ball on canvas, or occasionally the slap of skipping ropes and bouncing medballs – but I saw real benefits from having the music playing.

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Three years with the Legends and Masters – cricket coaching with 4-year olds

Back in 2014, I started coaching at the MCC Cricket Academy, and was assigned to support a coach delivering a “Little Legends” session for a group of 3-5 year olds.

Not really cricket, I thought – more 45 minutes of childcare, with a cricketing theme, perhaps, but not really cricket coaching.

I found out later that some of my new colleagues had directly requested not to be scheduled to work with the Little Legends, and I could understand why. ¬†But as the new coach, I didn’t think I could get away with opting out.

Three years later, I find myself leading the delivery for 5 weekly sessions for 5s and under. ¬†And the more I do, the more I appreciate¬†the value¬†of coaching the very young players in the¬†Academy’s Little Legends and Mini Masters programmes.

What changed?

I remembered one of the first pieces of advice I was given when I first trained as a coach Рalways coach the player, not the skill.  And I also remembered how much I enjoy playing games.

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