GAMES FOR UNDERSTANDING: cricket penalties – from Robin Maslin (mazzacricketcoach)

Originally posted on Mazza Cricket Coach:
“Cricket Penalties” is a game I have invented to promote the following skills in young players: BOWLING TO A TARGET – eg/ not necessarily at the stumps. This game emphasizes that a) sometimes it is better to aim outside the stumps, and b) wherever you bowl, aiming and driving…

Simplicity and focus in 1-to-1s – ECB Coaches Association Conference review, part 1

I watched two coaching demonstrations at the ECB Coaches Association Conference – a batting session with Graham Thorpe and a spin bowling one with Chris Brown. Both deployed a range of drills to challenge and develop specific skills, but, if I am honest, I wasn’t really that interested in the cones, hurdles and baseball mitts. I was […]

Performance development is not just for “performance” athletes – podcast with Mark Bennett & Stuart Armstrong

Fascinating podcast from Stuart Armstrong with Mark Bennett MBE, founder of PDS (Performance Development Systems) . I uploaded a new episode, "Doing the best you can with what you have – A conversation with Mark Bennett Part 2", o — The Talent Equation (@stu_arm) October 4, 2017 Lots of take-aways for coaches from this, […]