Coaching for beginners — “we need to develop world class coaches _for_ beginners”

Frank Dick said exactly this at the ECB CA conference in 2015. Everyone nodded. Nothing much seems to have changed…

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Timing — when should the down swing start?

Working with an experienced batter over the last couple of sessions on “timing”, and encouraging him to hit his drives even harder.

I have been suggesting that he tries delaying the downswing as long as he dares, to create greater bat speed at contact.

I came across an interesting paper that identified some of the key timings of “skilled” batters (see below) — significantly that better batters appear to more consistently coordinate the initiation of the bat downswing with the completion of the front-foot stride — but this image perhaps captures the delayed downswing better than any words could.

Hands still high, wrists cocked with the bat raised beyond the vertical, weight transferring dynamically into the stroke, as the front foot is just about to land.

Stepping out to drive
Maxine Blythin, Kent Women

In the interests of outcome-based coaching — the ball was hit through extra cover, on the deck, at a rate of knots!

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Photos from Women’s County Vitality T20 – Kent, Warwickshire & Middlesex, 23rd June 2019

Some pictures from the Vitality T20 fixtures at County Beckenham, yesterday, featuring hosts Kent, Birmingham Bears & Middlesex.

A great day – how can this be the final season for the Women’s County Championship?

More pictures below.

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