Building mental skills for cricket…without playing cricket

Ever thought of bird watching? No, really. Scan an area, ideally a tree where birds congregate or visit; even better if it is around 20m away. Relax, try not to focus too closely on any one point, but be aware of what is going on in the space you are scanning. When you spot movement, […]

Learning Types & Athlete-Centred Coaching

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been introduced to Diana Laurillard’s Learning Types (LTs). (1) Laurillard’s LTs define a range of ways in which learning can be facilitated within a “conversational framework“ i.e. a dialogue between teacher and student, between coach and player. This concept of learning dovetails neatly with the idea […]

Online instruction, online coaching, online learning — Teesra Talks

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Activator Tutor training; new models, new ways of coaching We are coaching…but are they learning? Some thoughts on online instruction, online coaching, and online learning. More on facilitating learning: I’m coaching…but are they learning?/