I am not a children’s coach.

I do not think of myself as a children’s coach.

If I am being honest, I don’t even like children, that much, beyond the fact that they enjoy playing games (almost) as much as I do. Oh, and they really like learning new skills. Always very happy to give them back, afterwards.

It was never my intention, when I completed my level 2 in 2011 (back then, the “Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cricket”), that I would specialise in coaching u7s.

But that is what has happened. And it has made me a better all-round coach.

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The Teesra Turns Tutor — All Stars Cricket Activator training

A new experience for me, this year — delivering training for All Stars Cricket Activators.

Thanks to Claire, my “co-tutor” (is that a word?) for the day. Great engagement from the Activators.

Hope they enjoyed the morning as much as I did!

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