Jailbreak Cricket v2.0

Interesting tweet from Phil Kearney yesterday:

For me, the key line from the quote was “…as much of the game as the players can successfully manage…”

Which made me think of how my favourite practice game, Jailbreak Cricket can, sometimes, break down – we have been doing it wrong, all along!

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Player-centred coaching – can it work with 7-year olds?

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my experience of Coaching in the Knowledge Era, an online coach education course from Deakin University delivered by Paddy Upton, on FutureLearn.com.

I have just completed the follow-up course, Player-Centred Coaching – just as thought-provoking, and I have been left with a lot of ideas to think about.

For me, there were perhaps two main takeaways from the course.

  1. The importance of “individual-invisible” attributes – attitudes, emotions & thoughts –  in player development.
  2. That explicit inclusion of players with some existing knowledge of their own games in review and planning phases of the learning cycle [play-review-plan-practice- and repeat] delivers more accurate review, more relevant planning, and better player buy-in to the whole process.

But perhaps, for the young players I mostly work with, direct involvement with the planning and review phases might be asking too much, just yet.

That still left me with a challenge for my own coaching practice – what strategies can I use to help the players I work with to begin to understand and develop the positive attributes in that individual-invisible sector?

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The ideal indoor cricket facility

Interesting post from Mark Garaway on PitchVision Academy, asking for suggestions for a new indoor cricket school: http://www.pitchvision.com/design-cricket#/

It made me think about how I coach, and what facilities I currently use and value, and those I would like to see.

So, what follows is a list of features I would include.

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