A Constraint-Led Approach – a new addition to the coaching toolkit?

I am (I call myself) a cricket coach – I work with people who want to play “better” cricket, however “better” might be defined. In that role, I try to help players to develop their playing techniques, and, along the way, to build individual motivation and resilience.  Occasionally, I will talk with them about (appropriate) physical […]

Bring the ropes in…a conversation with @ballsrightsreas

Interesting conversation with Dave C, aka @ballsrightareas, on setting boundaries for junior cricket. Watching highlights of Eng Women smashing sixes. Fantastic viewing. Why can’t club colts match boundaries be shorter to enable more sixes? — Dave C, cricket wonk (@ballsrightareas) June 22, 2016 They often are, where I coach/umpire, BUT that can unfairly favour bigger […]

Sledging – the missing component from the coaches’ tool kit?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I sometimes used “sledging” as a coaching tool. This is something I picked up working with an experienced Aussie coach – that the coach can sometimes use a little psychological pressure to focus the player on the challenge at hand. “Can you hit this one?  I don’t think […]