Jail-break cricket – another variant for CGBL

Here is a game variant that can be used to encourage players to apply a specified batting technique in a practice session. We call it “jail-break cricket” – players are challenged to hit a ball to a specified target area to release team mates who have been “sent to jail”. The game encourages the batter to […]

2014 – nearly over (2): CPD – coaching “children” and “young people & adults”

Over the last few months, I have been working my way through the new ECB CPD courses for level 2 coaches. The new courses are presented in two distinct streams – Coaching children and Coaching Young People & Adults (YPA). Interesting, though, in the light of my experiences this year coaching players aged 3 and 63, […]

Net practice for young players – yes and no

A thought-provoking post this week from David Hinchliffe at PitchVision Academy (@PitchVisionAcad), on the loss of young players from the game, and ways to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Over-reliance on net practice, especially for younger players, has been highlighted by some of David’s readers as a contributing factor.  As I explain […]