Adaptive formats in cricket — good for…anything?

Clubs in England have been able to play cricket for nearly a month, now. It’s not cricket as we know it, perhaps, but recreational cricket is back [1]. T20 & 40 over, mostly, from what I have seen, but with multiple junior formats. Perhaps it is easy to forget, now, the trepidation around the dreaded […]

In the nettles. And other thoughts on backyard cricket rules.

Telephone call with the manager of one of the junior sections I coach. Two close games at the weekend, but in both we had lost by narrow margins after missing out on a lot of legside singles. I received a lot of interesting replies to this tweet — targets to hit in drills, incentives for […]

Continuous hand cricket…sounds convoluted, but it’s well worth a try!

Over the half term break I attended a training session for Chance to Shine coaches, generously hosted by Essex Cricket in the Community. Expertly delivered by Dan Feist, Head of Cricket Operations at Essex County Cricket Club, the focus was on the “Teach” component of the Chance to Shine offering, designed to introduce KS1 teachers […]