Practice vs. Play; Freedom vs. Discipline

…it should be the aim of an ideally constructed education that the discipline be the voluntary issue of free choice, and that the freedom should gain an enrichment of possibility as the issue of discipline. Alfred North Whitehead, The Rhythmic Claims of Freedom and Discipline, 1922 Substitute “education” in this quotation with “coaching programme”. A […]

Learning Types & Athlete-Centred Coaching

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been introduced to Diana Laurillard’s Learning Types (LTs). (1) Laurillard’s LTs define a range of ways in which learning can be facilitated within a “conversational framework“ i.e. a dialogue between teacher and student, between coach and player. This concept of learning dovetails neatly with the idea […]

I’m coaching…but are they learning?

I taught my dog to whistle…he just hasn’t learnt, yet! Too often, the assumption in coaching is that players learn by being coached. But that ignores other ways that people learn, and also the motivation that drives learning. I have had plenty of time to reflect on my coaching, recently (haven’t we all?), and I […]