It’s easy to Bash The Hundred — but what would you do?

Overnight, the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia has released a set of new match rules for BBL10. The response does not appear to have been one of universal acclaim (putting it mildly).

Our own much anticipated, much derided The Hundred will have its own tweaks to the match regulations, designed to make the game “more exciting” and also “more accessible”.

As someone who can find excitement watching the 3rd day of a County Championship match on a fixed-camera live stream, I am probably not the target audience for either the BBL or The Hundred.

I won’t make the case for “proper cricket”, here — no-one would pay to watch the sort of cricket I enjoy playing, and I do accept the demands for innovation and (added) action in the short form games.

But I do enjoy cricket in all formats, and I am concerned that some of the innovations we are being promised could conspire to keep existing fans away from the (new) game, and give new followers ideas about the game that won’t stand up to prolonged exposure.

So — how to modify the game of cricket to make it faster, more exciting (a better fit for commercial TV schedules), but keep it closer to its origins? What might work?

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Coaching the child vs. coaching the sport

Over lockdown I was privileged to receive an invitation to join a series of webinars hosted by Chance to Shine (CtS) for their coaches. I have run a few CtS sessions in schools, but in truth I rather felt like an impostor amongst the County Board staffers who do such a great job delivering CtS across the country.

The presentations were (mostly) very interesting, occasionally inspiring. Not always immediately applicable to what I will do (no, I don’t expect to be delivering CtS over a live video link in the near future), but it did get me thinking about why I coach.

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Coaching 5-year olds — top tips?

Interesting challenge posed by ConnectedCoaches, the online community hosted by UK Coaching.

But only three?

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