Coaching the child vs. coaching the sport

Over lockdown I was privileged to receive an invitation to join a series of webinars hosted by Chance to Shine (CtS) for their coaches. I have run a few CtS sessions in schools, but in truth I rather felt like an impostor amongst the County Board staffers who do such a great job delivering CtS across the country.

The presentations were (mostly) very interesting, occasionally inspiring. Not always immediately applicable to what I will do (no, I don’t expect to be delivering CtS over a live video link in the near future), but it did get me thinking about why I coach.

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Coaching 5-year olds — top tips?

Interesting challenge posed by ConnectedCoaches, the online community hosted by UK Coaching.

But only three?

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Learner rehearsal — making sense of direct instruction

A new addition to the coaching toolkit, perhaps — not quite instruction or demonstration, but not “guided discovery”, either — learner rehearsal.

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