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Man vs. Machine — time for humanity to fight back?

There is a growing tumult around the datafication of cricket.

Oh, it’s coming, no doubt.

And the game will be different.

But will it be better?

Will it even be good cricket?

I don’t think so.

Good cricket philosophy

Good cricket?

It’s a bit of a cliché.

“Good cricket”. Well played.

I even have a “good cricket” category on my blog, but looking at my posts I’m not sure they have much in common, beyond the category.

So what constitutes “good cricket”?

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It’s not the #£*?&@! IPL!

We have had a few discussions around the Club about a lack of discipline in the field shown by some of the junior teams – fielders wandering out of position between deliveries, not paying attention to the captain when he wants to make changes to the field, even directly questioning and countermanding the captain’s instructions.

There is an issue of etiquette, and acceptable behaviour – it’s simply not cricket to challenge the skipper…and don’t you dare move one of my fielders!

There is a question about experience, and coaching – coaches and team managers need to make very clear what is expected from the players.

There might even be questions about Generation Z entitlement – ‘my opinion is just as informed as yours’.

But there is also the matter of example – I have seen similar behaviour in senior cricket this year, with two or three players (none of them the captain or bowler) resetting the field between balls, even as the bowler is preparing to bowl.

If the U15s see this on Saturday, with adult Captains & players, of course they will do the same on Sundays playing with their peers.