Bowling meditation

  • How my legs & feet are moving as I approach the wicket;
  • where back- and front-foot land, and the sensations from the floor;
  • tension between index & middle fingers, spread around the seam;
  • how the bowling arm unfurls from the gather and swings down, then up again, over-the-top or slightly round-arm;
  • the feel of the ball as it is released…

And repeat.

This started, in September, as a close-season project to refine an increasingly ragged and erratic bowling action. By the end of the season, I practically had the yips — no two deliveries landed in the same place…but if I had little idea where the ball was going, what chance did the batter have?

So rhythm first, then some degree of control of line & length.

Ultimately, the aim was to start to understand the accidental variations (off break, arm ball, possibly even a doosra) that slip out when I bowl.

Now I find, after a couple of overs, that I am thinking about nothing but the act of bowling.

Hence the “meditation” above.

Not a technical analysis, but perhaps something approaching mindful practice?

I can’t quite stay in the moment, yet, at least not to completion of the follow-through — almost immediately after release, I am watching the ball in flight, assessing outcomes:

  • Did it swerve in the air
  • Where did it pitch?
    • Did it pitch at all?
  • Did it turn?
  • Did it hit the stumps?
  • What noise did it make as it hit the curtain at the back of the net?

I want to learn to stay in the moment longer.

I know that if the action is pure & controllable, outcomes will take care of themselves.

And the sensation of being completely absorbed in a simple task is remarkable.

N.B. Probably not to be recommended when bowling to a batter…at the pace I bowl, I really need to be ready for the ball to come straight back at me. 😉

Published by Andrew Beaven

Cricket coach, fascinated by the possibilities offered by the game. More formally - ECB level 2 cricket coach; ECB National Programmes (All Stars & Dynamos Cricket) Activator Tutor; Chance to Shine & Team Up (cricket) deliverer; ECB ACO umpire.

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